Birdstop is a remote sensing platform using drones and AI

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Birdstop collects detailed imagery on physical assets and locations without personnel present

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Observation on Demand

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Birdstop nodes sit on location to activate remote sensing on a moment’s notice. Each node deploys and commands a small drone to collect data in its vicinity.

Operate from Anywhere

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Users securely operate networks of nodes and tap into data streams across the globe. Mission control can be at a central command location or in the palm of each user’s hand.

Unlock Rapid Insights

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Large amounts of imagery are analyzed in near real-time. Anomalies are detected to assist in expedient response to issues and threats observed.

BVLOS Compliant

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Birdstop is a leader in operating uncrewed aircraft Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). Birdstop works with each client and the aviation authorities to achieve both the goals of commercial value and regulatory compliance.

Data is Secure

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Birdstop implements industry best practices and client requirements to ensure data security is met and exceeded. Fortune 500 infrastructure companies and government agencies trust Birdstop for their critical asset data.

UAV Agnostic
Patented Technology
Machine Learning at the Edge
Machine Learning
at the Edge
Precision Landing
Automated Battery Management
Automated Battery
Dual Layer Security
Dual Layer
About Us

We are data scientists and engineers

The Birdstop team is brought together by a vision of building a new remote sensing platform using uncrewed aerial technology in low altitude airspace. The group draws on past careers from Google Loon, Earth Institute, American Tower, Drone Volt, and NASA with experience collecting data at a multitude of altitudes and airspace categories.

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280 Buchanan Field Road, Unit 1
Concord, CA

We are data scientists and engineers
Our Vision

To build a nation-level remote sensing platform using BVLOS drones, like a constellation of satellites on the ground


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