Monitor the world's critical assets without sending personnel into the field.


Since 2016, drones have been adopted by industries at a breakneck speed. In 2018, the FAA registered 170% growth in commercial drones, with a further 3x increase predicted by 2023 (source). As the consumer side of the drone industry saturated in recent years, the technology became mature enough for enterprise applications. The addressable market in enterprise is estimated at $127B, with infrastructure ($45.2B) and agriculture ($32.4B) as the top verticals (source).

At the same time, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) regulations progressed, paving the way for pilotless drone operations in the US and around the world. Over the next 3 years, it is anticipated that not only will the enterprise drone industry surge, but more of the operations will be automated or tele-operated, without a pilot in the field.


Birdstop builds technology that allows drones to collect data without an operator present. Drones perpetually stay docked in the field and deploy on demand or on schedule. Birdstop stations mediate human operators, who can now be monitoring and retrieving data from thousands of miles away. Birdstop enables data to be collected with high frequency, low cost, and low risk to human lives.


We built our technology from day one to be drone agnostic. We leave the drone-building to the very competent drone companies already out there. Instead, we empower the drones used today and that will be used tomorrow with the ability to be pilotless.

While we currently deploy one system per site, we plan to expand toward mesh network configurations, supporting larger areas of inspection and monitoring.


We are a crew of licensed aviation professionals and engineers based out of San Francisco, California. Our team brings expertise across software, robotics, data science, and commercial drone operations. We draw on an intersection of experience from field operations and engineering, including past careers at Google, Earth Institute, Total, and more. We are a humble, scrappy startup crew and always open to bounce ideas and work together on tough technical problems.

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