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Zero Humans Onsite

The Birdstop Guardian enables drone operations without pilots onsite. With progress in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) regulation, this operating mode is becoming a reality. By removing operators from the field and mediating with docking stations, significant reduction in cost and improvement in safety is achieved.

Small Airframes

Small, off-the-shelf drones increasingly perform commercial operations once requiring large, custom builds. The Birdstop Guardian focuses on drones with a wheelbase <400mm. The system is designed to be compatible with existing and upcoming small, performant commercial drones.



  • Automated battery exchange + charging 

  • Automated weatherproof hangar

  • Automated precision landing

  • Data transfer and management

  • Off-grid solar operation

  • API access / integrations

In Progress

  • Increased 3rd party software integrations

  • Increased drone models compatibility